Welcome to QualCast

QualCast, LLC was founded in 1997 in Nashville, Tennessee. The primary objective of QualCast was, and is, to provide the engine parts aftermarket with the best quality products available in the world, at competitive prices, through the best service and most efficient distribution system.

The QualCast Team based in Nashville Tennessee, USA are all dedicated to serving their selected customer base, to ensure the right parts are delivered efficiently and economically.

Our Products

Valve Springs

QualCast springs are made from super clean carbon steel wire (non-metallic particles can reduce steel strength). We also use chrome, chrome vanadium, or AS-25, depending on the application.

Engineered Features

Single Spring Design - ground flat on top and bottom for straightness and shot-peaned for heat-related fatigue resistance.

Spring With Damper - A flat ribbon damper on the inside diameter of the spring reduces spring "bounce" and "surge". We identify springs with dampers by the part number suffix "-D".

Double Spring Design - Many heavy duty applications have an inner and outer spring; the double springs give additional strength pressure to seat the valve.